Frequently asked Questions for FIQH OF RAMADAN

Brief of how the course is run

The Course is 2 weeks long with 5 classes each week. Tests will be posted on Saturdays and everyone will have time till Monday night (Makkah time) to submit.

One Class is published each day on the website www.LEARN-ISLAM.org, the link to the Class is shared on our page on LEARN ISLAM on FB and also sent on WhatsApp via Broadcast messaging service, on our channel on Telegram and also sent to those who join our mailing list (details to all of the above can be found below).

The course content has been translated into 6 different language : Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Bangla & Croele, links to the notes of all languages are posted on top of the respective class. But remember the TESTS ARE ONLY IN ENGLISH.

1. Where is this course going to take place?

A. Online, on the website www.LEARN-ISLAM.org "LEARN ISLAM" of Facebook.

But you do not need to visit the Website to read, the links to class notes will be shared on Facebook, Email, WhatsApp & Telegram.

  • Facebook : On our page LEARN ISLAM : www.facebook.com/LearnIslamCourses

  • Mailing List : Just send us a request to Learn-Islam@hotmail.co.uk to be added to the mailing list.

  • WhatsApp :

  • - Brothers send a msg to Abu Sahl Al Ansari “ +966 58 051 7309

  • - Sisters send a msg to Umm Maryam +966 58 280 9853

  • Telegram : Subscribe to our Channel on "LEARN ISLAM" on Telegram - t.me/LearnIslamCourses.

2. How do I join this course?

A. If you are following any of the platforms mentioned above, you are already a part of it.

All one needs to do to join, is be consistent. Take out 15-20 mins according to your own convenience and read the notes posted. We will InShaAllah have 5 Classes each week (Monday-Friday). Saturday will be the Weekly Tests which can be submitted till Monday Night (Makkah Time GMT+3).

3. How do I register?

A. Same as above.

4. What time do I have to come online to attend the class?

A. There is no fixed timing, the notes will be posted on the website between 1pm-3pm Makkah Time - GMT+3 on the days mentioned above (Mon-Fri) and then are shared on the other platforms, one can come online according to his/her convenience and read the notes not taking more than 15-20 mins/day.

Get Notifications on Facebook

You can get notifications on FB when the notes are posted by pressing the "FOLLOWING" tab and thn from the drop down list click on "Get Notifications" and you will get a notification every time we post something.

See First

Another option is to click on "See First" under the Following tab this will make the class note come first on your newsfeed when you log on next.

5. How long is the course?

A. 2 weeks InshaAllah with 5 Classes a week.

6. How do I write the tests & exams?

A. The detailed rules will be mentioned on the Test paper itself. But the tests are on Google Forms and they have both Objective (multiple choice) and Subjective (essay) type of questions, one needs an email to submit it as the results are sent back to the email address. But a student can use an id of his/her family or friend it doesn’t have to be their own.

Please follow the link to see a sample Test paper from previous courses...


7. What if I am late in submitting the test due to some unavoidable circumstances?

A. Delay in submissions is accepted if there were genuine reasons. What is expected is to write the reason of delay on the answer sheet, if it is a genuine one it will be accepted without deductions... if it was an avoidable thing but the delay was because of your own procrastination then one might have a couple of marks deducted for late submission. Either way it is better, one writes the test because the certificates are only given to those who write both the tests.

If there is a private reason then one can write the same, as in “I could not submit due to unavoidable but a private reason”; InShaAllah we will trust the brother/sister and not deduct any marks.

8. How do you check the Weekly assignments?

A. There will be some practical things being asked to do to get the assignment marks at the end of the class notes, like in the first week we ask people to help us by inviting others to the course. Any other those are to be done and mentioned in the Test paper to get the marks.

9. For the assignment how do people share?

A. You can share on your Facebook, WhatsApp groups, Telegram or share it via email.

10. How do you check whether or not we did the Weekly assignments?

A. There will be a question asked in the test, you just need mention what you did to get the marks accordingly, we will take your word for it InShaAllah :).

11. Can I write the test in the language I am taking the course?

A. Unfortunately as of now we do not have the resources to cater this but please do remember us in your prayers that we grow enough and become an organisation to be able to cater to other regional languages.

12. Can people who only use WhatsApp join as we do not use any other platform and might find it difficult to navigate on a website?

A. Yes, but one will need an email id to submit the tests.

Also note that since we MashaAllah have 1000s of subscribers on our WhatsApp it some times plays up and doesn’t reach some people on which we have no control so it is always advisable to follow one more platform as a back up.

  • Facebook : LEARN ISLAM

  • Mailing List : Just send us a request to Learn-Islam@hotmail.co.uk to be added to the mailing list.

  • WhatsApp :

  • - Brothers send a msg to Abu Sahl Al Ansari “ +966 58 051 7309

  • - Sisters send a msg to Umm Maryam +966 58 280 9853

13a) How does it work on WhatsApp? Do we get the full notes on their? Is there a group?

  • A. We send the links to class notes that are posted on the website on WhatsApp. They can simply click on it and read InShaAllah.

  • No we send the links to the class notes not the full text of the class.

  • No, we send it using Broadcast Service, so one gets a private msg to their number.

13b) Can the tests be submitted via WhatsApp?

A. No, tests need to submitted on Google Forms.

14. How does it work on Emails or Telegram?

  • A. Email: You get the notes and its links on your email, just read and share and write the tests.

  • Telegram : The links to Class notes are posted on the channel, just click and read, share and prepare.

15. Which sect is Learn Islam preaching?

A. We try our best not to get involved in the Sectism. We strictly follow the Qur'an & Sunnah. We preach rulings derived from Qur'an, authentic Hadeeths based on the understanding of the Sahaba (Companions) and the Early Generations.

16. How does one get the Certificate?

A. One will get a Soft Copy of the Certificate via email with the Signature of the Sheikh. But one needs to write both test papers to be eligible for the certificate.

17. How do you calculate the final percentage?

  • A. Each Test will hold 50% weight.

  • The average of the two tests will be the Final %

  • 5 or 10 marks of it will be for the Assignment(s).

18. When is the new Course going to start?

A. 12th Shabaan 1440 Hijri corresponding to 15th Dec'19 InshaAllah... "FIQH OF RAMADAN".


19. Can I join the Course now that the course has started and is in the middle of it?

A. Yes, as Prophet S.A.W. said, "Hasten to do Good" if one has the intention to join he/she shouldn't delay as long as there is a chance of submitting the first test, one should join in right away and catch up with the old notes.

20. Which Scholars does LEARN ISLAM take guidance from?

A. The admin takes advice from various Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia and also those staying abroad but follow the Quran & Sunnah on the understanding of the Sahaba. Sheikh Yasir Jabri (Indian), Sheikh Abu Bakr Muqtar (Pakistani), Sheikh Abu Musa (Saudi),

Shekh Yasir bin Abdul Qadir Al Jabri has especially been instrumental in our growth and helped us a lot with his guidance, the certificates provided to the students are Alhamdulilah signed by him.

21. Who is Sheikh Yasir Al Jabri?

Shekh Yasir Al Jabri.

  • He is a graduate from Madinah University.

  • The Sheikh works at a Dawah Centre in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  • He gives lectures in Urdu and is one of the most famous in that Language in Jeddah and India Alhamdulilah.

  • One can download his lectures (in Urdu) and get more details from his website www.yasiraljabri.com


  • Any mistakes on the page is done by the Admin and not the Sheikh as he wouldn't have time to keep track of everything.

  • The Sheikh(s) advises the admin of the page but is not part of the regular operations.

  • If you find any mistake in the way it is conducted or in the content, we request you to please give us a chance to correct it by sending us a private msg on the page or to the admin id (given below). JazakAllah Khair!

If there are any other queries please feel free to inbox the page or on the admins' id...

JazakAllah Khair... As Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu :)