Milad un Nabi is round the corner, we are going to see long long debates about it. This is a time where everyone claims they Love the Prophet, so we will take this time to actually Learn about
- His Characteristics,
- His teachings
- How to proclaim our love towards him
- What he has warned us against.

May Allah help us all Learn the Good to apply it in our lives and the Evil to stay away from it!





Class Curriculum

First Section


Class 2 - Manners & Attributes of the Prophet S.A.W.

Class 3 - Miracles of the Prophet S.A.W.

Class 4 - Rights of the Prophet S.A.W.

Class 5 - Love the Prophet S.A.W.

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 -Things the Prophet S.A.W warned us Against

Class 7 - Celebrating the Birth of the Prophet S.A.W. (Milad un Nabi)

Class 8 - Etiquette of visiting the Prophet’s Mosque

Class 9 - Sunnahs of Day to Day activities

Class 10 - Rewards of Loving & Following the Prophet S.A.W.

Quiz - Final Exam


I found it very beneficial taking part in this course. I have learnt lots of new sunnahs that In shaa Allah I am trying to implement in my daily routines.

· Most importantly I have learnt that some things that is happening so commonly and I actually thought it was ok, is actually wrong and not really allowed in islam. One such example is when prople say to give their salaams to the Prophet S.A.W. When visiting the Prophets grave in Madina. When in actual fact you can send your salaams from anywhere on Earth!!!

Waheeda Novsarka

I loved the course

It was the first time I did an online course n it has made a huge impact on my daily life I have started following as many Sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad SAW as possible in my life

Saniya Ayub

I absolutely loved this course, one of my favorite topics. The knowledge helps me to remember the prophet sallalaahualayhi'wasalam throughout the day and in turn improves my ibadah Alhamdulillah. I look forward to the next course in shaa Allah.

Linda ghazi

I don't have words to express gracious and pleasant presentation of the course.

It was very simple and practical at the same time. It helped me alot and made me realize the exalted status and simple lifestyle of our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh.

I thank again to the responsible Muslim brothers of this course and wish to continue learning Islam until I find my creator with judgement in my right hand In sha allah.

Dawood Rasheed

This course was an eye opener for me as i learnt more about our beloved Prophet (SAW). Through this course i have learnt even more Sunnahs of Prophet. And have tried my best to implement them in my life. The notes were written in a very simple language to be understood by all. These simple notes makes me feel like doing even more courses with Learn Islam.

Mahara Salman