Do you feel you are on AUTOPILOT in your Prayer?

The first obligation in action after Shahadah,
The most beloved thing to our Prophet ﷺ
The dividing line between being Muslim or not.
The First Deed that we would be asked about on the Day of Judgement

So many virtues, so many rewards, but we still do it just as an obligation, very few of us enjoy our prayers.

Let us learn how to Connect and keep our hearts alive in our prayers and feel the sweetness of prayer!

This course will try to enlighten the heart and hopefully help us to ENJOY OUR SALAAH InShaAllah!

May Allah help us all Learn and implement!





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - Salah, A Gift for the Ummah

Class 2 - Levels of Prayer/Salah

Class 3 - Getting Ready for Salah

Class 4 - Standing in Salah

Class 5 - Motions & Emotions of Rukoo, Sujood & Tashaahud

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - After Salah

Class 7 - Forgotten Sunnahs of Salah

Class 8 - How Shaitaan tries to Steal from our Prayers

Class 9 - Rewards of Salah

Class 10 - Khushoo increases and decreases with Imaan

Quiz - Final Exam


This course was very useful Alhamdulillah. I changed a lot after joining this course. I feel my thaqwa and knowledge has been increased.. Alhamdulillah whenever I will do wudhu and prayer I will remember class taken under this course. Now, when I stand to pray, I can concentrate more than before.

Ayashath Rafeeza 

Alhamdulillah i have benefited a lot from the course! My salah have improved alhamdulillah alhamdulillah! I now pray with all my heart and devotion towards allah(s.w.t) I've also helped my family members and friends with their salahs!!! They are very fascinated after knowing a few things! M very thankful to learn-islam team! May allah azwajal reward you and make ur life and akhirah easier! Ameeen

Mariya Mohammed

Alhamdulillah, this has been a wonderful experience. It's true that most of us get distracted during salah due to the tricks of shaitan. But now after doing this course. Alhamdulillah, I can feel a great change in me.

Shahina Mohamed Ashraf

I feel it was one of my best decisions to join this course because it has really helped me a lot. Whenever I used to pray my mind used to be somewhere else. I had to remind myself so many times that I'm praying. But even then I used to feel very difficult to concentrate. In this course there were so many tricks to make the shaitaan run away and to concentrate in the prayer.. Now I'm trying my best with the help of this course to enjoy my salah :) 

Mehnaz Begum