A Muslim is made by manners.

Nowadays something strange is going on. The Muslim schools are becoming known for bad manners, the Muslim tenants are seen as people who wouldn't keep the Amanah well.

Muslims themselves prefer non-Muslim schools, tenants, business men etc because at least they’re punctual. The areas in the city that are most dirty are the Muslim areas. What kind of da’wah is this?

There’s clearly something wrong. Why is there such a massive difference between what Allah ‘azza wajal teaches us and what is being reflected in society?

In simple words Muslims have lost their real Traits, the Characteristics of a Mo'men is that of perfection with real emphasis on Manners. We should know the importance when Rasool Allah ﷺ declared the best are those with best character, the thing that weighs most heavy on the day of judgement are the manners.

In the course we will cover some important traits that are lost in the Ummah. Things like Amaanah, Haya, Shyness, Truthful, amongst others.





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - 'Importance of Manners'

Class 2 - Truthful | Trustworthy | Punctual 

Class 3 - Haya | Gheerah | Humility 

Class 4 - Provides Ease | Helpful 

Class 5 - Good Morals | High Ethics | Cheerful

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 -Patience | Forbearance | Love of Reconciliation | Cooperating 

Class 7 - Courageous | Being Just 

Class 8 - Positive Thinking | Generous 

Class 9 -Sincerity | Obedience

Class 10 - A Content Heart

Quiz - Final Exam


The course was very beneficial for me. Some courses bring a positive change in our lives and this is one of those. 
Alhamdulillah got to know so many things which I was unaware of.

Siddiqua Khan

First of all, the title 'Lost traits' is spot on - subhanALLAH. It is very sad - at the same time my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude that ALLAH blessed me with ISLAM <3 The perfect way of life!  It is sad because we are lacking in these golden manners that ISLAM teaches us; in fact obligates on us.

According to me, every new Muslim or any Muslim must do this course... We must know the traits that a Muslim must have. This course was amazingly prepared- concise and easy to comprehend. And I supplicate from the bottom of my heart for all of the team involved in bringing this to us.. 

Nida Mokashi

Words cant describe the pleasure of learning about the lost traits.The joy I felt after every lesson,the sadness I felt when I realized my shortcomings,the hope which lit my heart that still I have a chance to correct myself and be a true and complete Muslim insha Allah

Zafer Humera

 I liked the concept of the course to begin with,it's like starting with ourselves - only then can we influence others around us the right way! The way we are as an individual  and how others perceive us as a result is itself an ideal, most attractive way to call people absolutely to the path of Islam.For me,personally it reinforced many qualities and their importance that I had been taking too lightly and were in the backseat of my life.may Allah make us among the ones who acquire the right knowledge and implement it to the best of our abilities to earn the love of Allah!!I am on a constant process of improving myself to be better with each day and this course has given me the right push.

Khalidha Thasneem

This course brought so many changes in me. It made me an optimistic person. With the help of Allah swt I am improving my daily aqlaaq . It changed me from a quarreling person to most humble person. I am increasing humility towards my Creator day by day Alhamdulillah. I am trying to become a best daughter  to my parents and best slave of my Allah swt. The two main characteristics SABAR AND SHUKAR which was not at all in me and now these two qualities started making my life easy and developing the attitude of gratitude.. With every move in my society , this course makes me remind of being good to others . 

Allah will definitely love it and may Allah swt be pleased with all your efforts in moulding us (ummah) in beautiful persons and making us recognize our lost traits. 

Rabiya Khan