How many female sports, movie, other TV personalities do you know of?

Now honestly think that If we leave aside the Wives & Daughters of the Prophet ﷺ, How many names of Women Around the Prophet ﷺ do we know of? What do we know of them?
Not many of us would be able to even give three names, and these are the women who were amongst the best of generations – The Sahaba; who were with the best of teacher – The Prophet ﷺ; who were not people who just sat home but did so much to help and serve the Deen of Allah!

Each of these women played her role in the best possible way and in the noblest way in the arena of faith and sincerity.
There is no truth to the claim that" the women of the beginning of Islam never came out except on three occasions: from the womb of her mother to the world; from her father's house to her husband's house, and from her husband's house to her grave!" This statement is a slander!

The reality is that the women lived in the shade of this eternal religion enjoying their rights in full, sharing in the hopes and pains of her community. We have seen of them strugglers, ardent worshippers while some others were scholars.

In this course, we live with immortalized women, believers, righteous, knowledgeable, strugglers (in Allah's path).





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - The Most Beloved of them

Class 2 - Sahaabiyaat who were given Glad Tidings of Jannah in their Lives

Class 3 - Sahaabiyaat known for their Charity

Class 4 - Sahaabiyaat’ stories of Sabr

Class 5 - Sahaabiyaat; Stories of them taking part in Battles

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - Sahaabiyaat with Special mentions by the Prophet S.A.W.

Class 7 - Household Members of the Prophet ﷺ

Class 8 - Wives of the Prophet ﷺ

Class 9 - Daughters of the Prophet ﷺ

Class 10 - Women around other Prophets

Quiz - Final Exam


It was an honour to study about such great women in Islam. I particularly was happy to take this course because I have three daughters and I have named them Ayesha ; Khadija and Faatimah and pray for them to be virtuous like their sahabiyat names.

I enjoyed learning about other sahabiyats about whom I hadn't read before. Hence Jazakallah khair for taking efforts in researching ; editing and bring to us such useful knowledge which gives us ideal role models to be like in our lives. 

Rehana Kali

Alhumdulillah it was a wonderful learning experience. There is so much to learn from the lives of the Sahibiyaat. It is very encouraging and inspiring to read about their experiences. Alhumdulillah I am very happy I took this course. 


I’ve really benefited a lot from the Sahabiyath course. I believe every woman of our Ummah should know about these great women so that we can take them as our role models rather than being slaves of trends and fashion. Alhamdulillah so grateful to Allah swt for providing me with such a beautiful opportunity and I sincerely wish that everyone should avail these courses.

Zainab Zain

It was very interesting to read the marvelous stories of our Righteous Predecessors who gave their utmost devotion to our Deen.

It was very inspiring to know how every individual even women were an integral part of the struggle that Islam passed through. I was really fascinated to learn about the struggle of Sayyidah Umm Kulthoom radhiyallah Anha because it was for the first time that l learnt her personal struggle for Islam,otherwise I thought it was only The Beloved Prophet sallaahu alihi wasallam who had struggled.

The course highlighted the role of women as builders of nation. The whole course is an inspiration for us in these times of tribulations where one needs to be devoted to uplift The Deen once again.

Ammatu Rahman