Learn about Your Lord and about the one who tries to take you away from Him.

We can Love Allah our Protector only when we know His Magnificence and we can tackle Shaitaan who is our Clear Enemy only when we know him and his tricks.

In this Course we will Learn about Allah, His names, what He Likes & Dislikes in His Slaves and about Shaitaan, types of Shaitaan, his tricks, how to save oneself from Shaitaan.





Class Curriculum

First Section


Class 2 - Names & Attributes of Allah

Class 3 - Allah’s Rights on His Servants

Class 4 - Qualities Allah loves & dislikes

Class 5 - Ways to get Closer to Allah

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - Shaytaan, The Clear Enemy

Class 7 - Tricks of Shaytaan

Class 8 - Whispers of Shaytaan

Class 9 - Defeat Shaitaan by means Prescribed in Quran & Sunnah

Class 10 - Dispelling Shaytaan

Quiz - Final Exam


It had been an extremely benefiting and interesting course.. ''The Protector and the Clear Enemy''... helped me to know about my Lord... Each and every notes of yours made me even more curious to know and Learn more about the Oneness Of Allah, His Names, Attributes.. its served like a source to strengthen the bond between me and my Creator... No love in this world could fill this void in my heart except for their Love of Allah... SUBHAAN Allah it's Amazing how this thing helped me.. It indeed cleared my doubts and misconceptions and healed my depressed Heart... Alhamdulillaah! I Feel blessed to be part of #LearnIslam. Best platform for those women who cant afford to go out in seek of knowledge..

Humaira Abrar

It has been the most beneficial two weeks Alhamdulilah. SubhanaAllah during this course it felt like i have found the missing puzzle i was searching for my entire life Allah Akbar. What i like liked about this course is the fact that it teaches a person on how to get closer to Allah and make him be pleased with us and accept our deeds. Knowing shaytan's tricks was among the things i liked because it make one to be aware of his tricks and to be able to stay on the right path.

Through this course i have benefited alot subhanaAllah, i have learned the most beautiful names of ALLAH. At least now i know what Allah loves and hates which makes us turn to him in times of hardship and ease Allah Akbar. Furthermore this course also enlightened me about our clear enemy, i used to take it so lightly when it was said shaytan was our clear enemy but the his tricks that i have learned that when i realized i was in a battlefield with shaytan because he does not rest till he makes mankind go astray may Allah protect us from the waswas of shaytan Ameen.

Samantha Rothbletz

I found the course to be as all the others are, educational and easy to follow - I can only speak as a 'new' muslim (for want of a better word) as I am a revert of seven years now Alhamdullilah. I share the information with my husband who is a good Muslim and comes from a good Muslim background .

The course if perfect Mashallah and a constant reminder of what we must do to guard ourselves against Shaytan - and of course how to stay near to Allah SWT. I will repeat these courses as they come up - as a reminder of forgotten valuable information. Even to read them. They bring great satisfaction to my life and even the other day I was speaking with my husband regarding distractions of prayer and he was very impressed that I knew the name of the devil responsible for these distractions is Khanzab - he didnt know it and loves when he learns something new from me - we had a good laugh about it! The teacher learning from the student!