Tawheed is the foundation upon which this upright religion has been built, so focusing on it means to focus on the very core itself. For if we were to reflect over the Noble Qur'aan we would find that it expounds on issues of tawheed repetitively, so much so that there does not exist a single surah in the Qur'aan that does not mention tawheed, clarifying it and prohibiting what opposes it.





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - Why Tawheed?

Class 2 - What/Where/Why of Basics of Tawheed?

Class 3 - Major Shirk & its types

Class 4 - Minor Shirk, Kufr & Hypocrisy & their types  

Class 5 - Intercession, Jihad, Wala and Hukm

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - Taghut & Contradicting aspects of ones' Islam  

Class 7 - Living According to the Quran & Sunnah  

Class 8 - Bidah

Quiz - Final Exam



Many times I read about Islam, the fundamentals but it slips the mind as I don't concentrate enough. And about tawheed and salah, I came to know of many new things I did not know. Honestly, I have never been more happy about Islam. The notes of tawheed subject has greatly influenced my belief in Allah. 

Bushra Mubeen

This course has increased my emaan and level of faith.. ^_^ Tawheed is the only thing in your life that confronts you with the purpose of your life.

Lubna Sahar