Dua, a Worship that is beloved to Allah, a means of communication with your Lord, a hope in times of difficulty, Solace at the time of distress, the only thing that can change Qadr, these and many many more is what this great worship is for us Muslims.

Amongst us are people who feel their Duas are not answered, but is that really so? Amongst us are people who because of simple mistakes might fall into some forms of Shirk.

Just like every other Worship, we have in the Sunnah ways of making Dua, times that it is excepted and prohibitions about it that might even take us out of Islam.

Join the course to learn about this great worship and get better at it so we have a good life and good hereafter.





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - Dua’a

Class 2 - Conditions for Duas being accepted

Class 3 - Connect in your Duas

Class 4 - Sunnahs of Dua

Class 5 - Recommended (Sunnah) Times & Places to make Dua

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - Disliked acts in Dua & Why Duas are not Accepted

Class 7 - Duas of the Prophets

Class 8 - Duas from Quran & Sunnah

Class 9 - TAWASSUL (use of a Means)

Class 10 -Relation between Dua, Tawakkul & Qadr

Quiz - Final Exam


Alhamdulillah this course has brought consciousness in my duaas.

The sunnahs and prohibitions awareness has made my worship more beneficial as the saying in the Quran goes that knowledge benefits a believer.

Nusrath Parveen

I can tell you, as a convert, it affected on my life greatly because, well, there is just SO much I have no idea about regarding our religion and everything is always eye opening. The great detail into what is allowed and not allowed, the access to Arabic duas, how I am to hold my hands n present myself.

 What I have been practicing is using Allah’s attributes and names in dua. I’ve never done really before, just ya Allah or ya Rab. So that is something from this course I have been able to implement immediately. 

Vanessa Sarver

Alhamdullillah ,thanks to Allah who gave us hidayah to join this course. I completely understood the concepts of Tawakkul, the conditions of dua n about how can we only rely on Allah n have belief in our duas to be accepted. Alhamdullilah this course have made my Imaan more strong and my belief that whatever may be the situations, our duas are never rejected by Allah ,however they will b responded to, in this world or hereafter. So just pray to Allah alone and have Tawakkul.


This topic was really beneficial to me as a new Muslim I got to know mainly how dua is accepted, what reasons Allah doesn’t accept and moreover the way of doing dua ie.,Praise Allah first and send salaam on prophet and finally do dua. This method was actually unknown.

Noella Gracia Vas(Ayesha)