The Most important Relation we as Muslims are to maintain - how is our RELATION WITH ALLAH - the One who provides, sustains, protects us.

In the course we will Study
- Relation with Allah
- His Rights
- The Rewards
- Allah's Promises to us.
- How to get Closer to Allah and attain His Pleasure.

May Allah help us all Learn and implement so that we are amongst those who He Loves!





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - KNOW YOUR LORD - By pondering over His Creations

Class 2 - 99 Names of Allah

Class 3 - The first Right of Allah - Believing in Him

Class 4 - Love of Allah

Class 5 - Worship Allah

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - What Allah Likes and Dislikes in His Salves

Class 7 - Taqwa & Dua

Class 8 - Tests from Allah

Class 9 - Promises of Allah

Class 10 - Ways to get Closer to Allah

Quiz - Final Exam


The course was really amazing throughout but the most motivational part of the course for me was Dua and promises of ALLAH for believers because its really motivating and inspiring that how you can get closer to ALLAH SWT and what ALLAH SWT likes and dislikes I just loved it <3

Samia Ghani

This course helped me a lot to become a better Muslim. There were so much things I was unaware of , the rights of Allah, the love of Allah , the attributes of making dua , taqwa, trust in Allah. These are some of the topics those really make me firm on my faith, encourages me to repent. Indeed Allah is most forgiving and the most merciful.

Maham Shahid

A really nice and useful course Alhumdulilah. It taught me a lot of ways to have a closer relation with Allah and to know more about Allah, which was a really useful thing for me.It gave me knowledge about various things that Allah likes and dislkes and various other things. I am glad I joined this course and could get to know more deeper about our relation with Allah.

Farz Fahmi

It was an Eye-opener, a true blessing to me as a revert. I shall apply this knowledge to sincerely worship Allah.

Swabra Mutisya