Every son of Adam sins, but the worse are those who do it openly and spread it. Now if we think of it most people who sin openly do so either because they have taken the sin lightly or they do not even know it is a Sin at all.
So it is important for us to learn about the Sins so by the Grace of Allah we can stay away from them.

Join in if you do not know answers to any of the Qs below…
• Effect of Sins?
• Are Minor Sins too small to be taken seriously?
• Did you know Illegal Intercourse, Alcohol, Murder are just 3 of the “70 Major Sins”?
• Will Allah answer Du’aas before repentance or only after one repents?
• How does one stay away from sins?

May Allah help us all Learn the Good to apply it in our lives and the Evil to stay away from it!





Class Curriculum

First Section

Class 1 - Sins and its ill effects on us

Class 2 - Sins Taken Lightly - Belief System

Class 3 - Sins Taken Lightly during Worship

Class 4 - Sins Taken Lightly in Families

Class 5 - Sins Taken Lightly in our Societies

Quiz - Mid Terms

Second Section

Class 6 - Sins Taken Lightly in Homes & for Entertainment

Class 7 - Sins Taken Lightly in Money Matters

Class 8 - Sins Taken Lightly in One’s Attire

Class 9 - 70 Major Sins

Class 10 - ‘HOW TO - Stay away from Sins & Repent’’

Quiz - Final Exam


There were so many things I think I was doing unintentionally that were sins..or could lead to sins which I got to know through this course. It boosted my imaan and helped renew my intention to stay away from sins which I commit very often of which most common related to women is gossiping. .:( may Allah help me and others control their tongues


The course was really great. I learnt more about my deen, things that i sometimes did, now I know it is forbidden in Islam and are not beloved to Allah ta'aalah. This will remind me all the time if i want to do something i need to ask myself if its good or bad and if its for the sake of Allah or for my own desire.

Maryann Li

This course made me very God conscious and 'sin aware' and you can certainly take credit for any sin that I didn't commit because now, I second guess it.